Engineering STEM Night

The New York Hall of Science hosted STEM Night: Careers in Engineering. This free event allowed students to engage in hands-on activities, hear from experts in the field through a panel discussion, and network with engineering professionals.

STEM Nights are a series of evening events that feature talks and informal networking with STEM professionals who are invited to NYSCI to share their work and career journeys with the Explainers in our Science Career Ladder program and other high school and college students across the city. STEM Nights include an open, exploratory session wherein participants engage in hands-on activities related to the field of focus, a panel discussion by professionals in the field, followed by questions from the audience, and then a networking session. Free for high school and college students. Check out to see more about upcoming STEM Nights!

Produced by Khalid Straker, Bec Susan Gill, Jayde Lovell


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