[10/13]Reproducing a textile factory of the early Showa period《Textile Machinery Pavilion》tcmit

Virtual Guided Tours by The Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

Virtual Guided Tours will allow you to explore our museum from anywhere in the world. The tour mainly consists of videos recorded on-site with commentaries and demonstrations by our guides.

◆The Textile Machinery Pavilion◆
The Textile Machinery Pavilion exhibits about 100 machines ranging from preindustrial spinning and weaving tools to modern mechatronic textile machines, presenting an overview of the historical progress of textile technology. The commentaries and demonstrations in the tour also highlight how the founder of the Toyota Group Sakichi Toyoda contributed to the rise of modern industry in Japan through his original thoughts and inventions. Moreover, the tour details how the textile industry has progressed since his days.

◆Playlist including 13 videos
You can follow the route of an actual tour by watching the videos in sequence.

[1]The symbol of The Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology – Entrance lobby: The Circular Loom

[2]The origin of the Toyota Group – The model of Toyoda Spinning and Weaving Co., Ltd.

[3]Pioneering the industrial modernization of Japan’s industry – Type G Automatic Loom, called ‘magic loom’

[4]3 processes of making yarn – The principles that still stand today

[5]The ingenious invention in the Meiji era – Making yarn with motive powers: Garabo Spinning Machine

[6]“Raw Cotton” as materials for spinning – Mechanization of making yarn【1】

[7]Unravelling cotton fibers – Mechanization of making yarn【2】

[8]Completely mechanized 3 processes of making yarn – Mechanization of making yarn【3】

[9]Weaving techniques: From human to motive power – Development of loom technology

[10]Reproducing a textile factory of the early Showa period – Group operation of Type G Automatic Looms

[11]The “slender sword” mechanism enabled faster weaving – Modern looms【1】

[12]Ultrafast looms for synthetic fabrics – Modern looms【2】

[13]Enabling complex weaving of designs like photographs – Modern looms【3】

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